Equipoise, the Economics Club of IIM Ahmedabad, is driven byIIMA a core belief of nurturing interest in economics amongst the students at IIMA. We pride ourselves on our academic and research orientation and are the only club at IIM-A which makes it mandatory for its club members to work on research activities.


  • Increase interest in the discipline of economics among students through constant engagement using various means.
  • Provide a common platform to students interested in pursuing their passion for economics.
  • Motivate students to pursue further research in the area of economics.
  • Help students in their academic pursuits and help them understand the impact of economics  on businesses.

  • Income Multiplier

    Multiplier Effect Every time there is an injection of new demand into the circular flow there is likely to be a multiplier effect. This is because an injection of extra income leads to more spending, which creates more income, and so on. The multiplier effect refers to the increase in final income arising from any […]

    By Equipoise | August 4, 2016

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  • h1

    Payment Banks – The Right Step Forward

    Payment banks are a “stripped-down” version of a bank, reaching out to customers mostly through mobile phones. It’s a niche bank offering partial banking services; lending activities are out of their purview. The only possible borrower for these banks is the Government. The Framework of Payment Banks RBI granted the operating license to 11 entities […]

    By Hardik Wadhwa | October 16, 2015

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    Brazil and Beyond

    Facing the worst contraction in 25 years, Brazil is steeped deep in recession. Its debt has deteriorated to junk status, and the political crisis does not seem to have any solution yet. Bovespa is down by nearly 8% this year. Market sentiments are heavily pessimistic. Mortgage lending has declined. So has the amount of loans […]

    By Anahat Danewalia | October 3, 2015

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