Equipoise, the Economics Club of IIM Ahmedabad, is driven byIIMA a core belief of nurturing interest in economics amongst the students at IIMA. We pride ourselves on our academic and research orientation and are the only club at IIM-A which makes it mandatory for its club members to work on research activities.


  • Increase interest in the discipline of economics among students through constant engagement using various means.
  • Provide a common platform to students interested in pursuing their passion for economics.
  • Motivate students to pursue further research in the area of economics.
  • Help students in their academic pursuits and help them understand the impact of economics  on businesses.

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    Brazil and Beyond

    Facing the worst contraction in 25 years, Brazil is steeped deep in recession. Its debt has deteriorated to junk status, and the political crisis does not seem to have any solution yet. Bovespa is down by nearly 8% this year. Market sentiments are heavily pessimistic. Mortgage lending has declined. So has the amount of loans […]

    By Anahat Danewalia | October 3, 2015

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    China’s stock market boom and burst

    The China Crisis The tumbling of the Shanghai Composite Index (China’s stock market) by 8.5%, on August 24th, 2015 sent shockwaves across the global economy. Coming on the heels of the 1.9% Renminbi devaluation by the People’s Bank of China on August 11th, this capped off three months of precipitous decline with the index having […]

    By Sarajeet Kanungo | September 30, 2015

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    Russian Financial Crisis

      The Russian economy has officially entered a recession this year after registering a negative GDP growth consecutively for the second quarter. Russia’s economy contracted at a rate of 4.6% in the quarter ending in June 2015 after a 2.2% contraction in the previous one.   Ongoing crisis in is the result of the collapse […]

    By Arushi Jamar | September 29, 2015

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